On January 11, 2022, BEYOND Expo announced the launch of its BEYOND Metaexpo, which combines a metaverse space and an offline expo to create a seamless experience for everyone. The press conference was held virtually at the press conference room of the BEYOND Metaexpo. Both BEYOND co-founders, Jason Ho and Gang Lu, announced the launch of BEYOND Metaexpo in their avatars to an audience of approximately 1000 tech professionals and more than 100 media representatives.

The press conference was a sneak peek of the BEYOND Metaexpo. The space will be further developed to accommodate the upcoming BEYOND Metaexpo, which will take place on September 21- 24, 2022, both online and offline in Macau. During the conference, the participants got to experience the interactive features of BEYOND Metaexpo first-hand.

BEYOND Metaexpo will provide a virtual space for companies to participate and interact with attendees from all around the world with its infinite possibilities,” said Gang Lu, BEYOND co-founder, during the conference.

The official BEYOND Metaexpo that will be launched in September 2022, is an infinite extension of our BEYOND Virtual. With the new virtual features, exhibitors can set up their booths on-site in Macau and online in the Metaexpo. The virtual booth allows exhibitors to showcase their companies’ futuristic visions and latest technologies in innovative ways. It will also connect exhibitors with partners, buyers, and attendees from all around the world.

On the other hand, our BEYOND Virtual online forums and the BEYOND on-site forums in Macau will be simulcasted at various Metaexpo virtual sites, creating a seamless connection and interaction between our speakers and audiences, on-site and online, in an interconnected space.

We believe that, with technology, we will transcend boundaries between virtual and reality and create more business opportunities for everyone. Participants who cannot attend due to the pandemic or other reasons can also experience the immersive space at the exhibition and interact with on-site participants in real-time,” said Gang Lu.


Last year, with great support from all parties, BEYOND proved its unlimited potential. This year, BEYOND 2022 will launch three brand new sub-brands: BEYOND Healthcare, BEYOND Sustainability, and BEYOND ConsumerTech, to focus on the life sciences industry, sustainable development, and consumer tech.

BEYOND’s metaverse space is built by the 3D creation platform called Box.Game, a coding platform to help establish a 3D virtual world where young users can create, play, and socialize.

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