What is BEYOND Founders Club

BEYOND Founders Club (BFC) is a world-class community for rising tech entrepreneurs uniting to transform future business landscapes and tackle global challenges.

Initiated by the BEYOND Expo, BFC aims to connect key influencers within the tech and innovation scenes to explore global tech trends through BEYOND Expo, the most influential tech expo in Asia. Backed by BEYOND’s robust outreach, extensive resources, and the expertise of our founding members, club members will enjoy exclusive access to a myriad of member benefits and unparalleled experiences.

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Founding members

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All Members

BEYOND Founders Club comprises 50 esteemed founding members.

Exclusive Benefits for Founding Members Include:

  • Privilege to nominate a new member annually to join the BEYOND Founders Club
  • Invitation to participate in all public and private events hosted by the BEYOND Founders Club
  • Companies represented by founding members participating in the BEYOND Expo gain access to supplementary corporate benefits

Members’ exclusive benefits

Access to a network of tech founders and global business leaders; Access to first-hand information and news in the tech industries; Access to tech consumer markets and tech buyers worldwide