BEYOND Expo Exhibitor Manual

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Exhibitor Rules & Regulations

Forms Download - Standard Booth & Startup Kiosk

(Electricity Installation & Furniture Rental & Exhibit Transport Service)

Forms Download - Raw Space Booth

(Electricity Installation & Information of Contractors & Exhibit Transport Service)

Important File (Exhibitor Participation Instructions)

Ⅰ. Exhibitor participation process

  1. Check your account information in the Exhibitor Center.
  2. Fill in the Exhibitor Center information
    1. Log in to the Exhibitor Center and submit detailed information for the Journal and Exhibitor List.
    2. Applications exhibitor
  3. Submit the Exhibitor Manual form

Ⅱ. Exhibitor Participation Notice

  1. To meet the needs of our diverse international audience and ensure effective communication, it is mandatory that all materials at your booth are in English or bilingual. This includes any signage, brochures, and other written materials. Your full compliance with this requirement is crucial to accommodate our overseas participants.