The 4th BEYOND International Science and Technology Innovation Expo (BEYOND Expo 2024) will be grandly held under the theme “Embracing the Uncertainties” from May 22-25 at the Venetian Macao Convention and Exhibition Centre! BEYOND Expo 2024 will be a platform for global collaboration, focusing on international scientific and technological progress, and fostering the exchange of Asian science and technology and innovation culture. With technology as the main thread and the three major sub-brands of BEYOND Expo, BEYOND Expo will present independent exhibition areas, industry summits, and featured activities to bring an unprecedented technology feast for industry enterprises and technology enthusiasts!

This year, the BEYOND Expo Organizing Committee will set up an exhibition area of ​​nearly 100,000 square meters at the Venetian Macao Convention and Exhibition Centre. Currently, AI² Robotics has confirmed its participation and will be featured in the ConsumerTech Exhibition Area. AI² Robotics will showcase its innovative multimodal perception and interaction large model—the AI2R Brain—equipped on its various native smart terminals. These versatile native smart terminals, serving as a bridge between the digital and physical worlds, will redefine the boundaries of human-machine interaction, allowing visitors to experience firsthand the transformation and convenience that artificial intelligence will bring to future life and work.

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Stay tuned for AI² Robotics’s versatile smart terminals’ impressive showcase at BEYOND Expo 2024. We hope AI² Robotics continues to focus on the deep integration of AGI and advanced intelligent hardware. With leading AGI technology and a native approach, AI² Robotics aims to create smart terminals that can better perceive the world, interact with people, and accomplish tasks, providing high-reliability services for industrial applications, healthcare, home services, and more.

About AI² Robotics

AI² Robotics is a representative company of the AGI era, innovating with native multimodal perception and interaction foundation model, focusing on smart device application. AI² Robotics is committed to integrating AGI with smart devices, enabling them to perceive the world, interact with humans, and accomplish tasks more perfectly. It aims to provide full-scenario, highly reliable services to a multitude of industries and households.

About BEYOND Expo

The BEYOND International Technology Innovation Expo (BEYOND Expo) is Asia’s leading annual technology event. Serving as a dynamic platform since 2021, BEYOND Expo not only showcases global technological innovations but also provides a unique opportunity to foster innovation upgrades across diverse industries and regions. BEYOND Expo has attracted participation from Asia’s Fortune 500 companies, multinational corporations, unicorn companies, and emerging startups. Through a multifaceted approach involving expos, summits, and various activities, BEYOND Expo has successfully cultivated an innovative ecosystem, propelling collective development in the Asia-Pacific region and the global technology innovation industry.