The Summit will gather industry experts, scholars, executives, and investors to lead the discussion on the cross-generational consumer tech products and deep dive into the current and future of the consumer tech industry.

Covered Topics

  • Human Robotics: Exploring the Future of Human-Machine Collaboration
  • Service Robots: Transforming Industries with Autonomous Machines
  • Cross-Border E-commerce: Unlocking Global Markets with Seamless Transactions
  • AI-Powered Wearables: Redefining Personalized Health and Wellness
  • Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL): Shaping the Future of Urban Mobility
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR): Immersive Technologies Reshaping Industries
  • Exploring Opportunities and Challenges in AI Adoption in Asia
  • Retail Tech: Transforming the Future of Shopping Experiences
  • AI-Powered Smart Home: Creating Connected Living Spaces for the Future
  • Corporate Innovations for Brands: Strategies for Driving Business Growth and Differentiation
  • Cross-Border Payment Solutions: Facilitating Seamless Transactions in a Global Economy
  • eSport / Sport Tech
  • Future of Cars: Autonomous, Smart, Electric, and Connected Vehicles
  • Quantum Computing: Unlocking the Potential of Quantum Technology

Agenda Coming soon