BEYOND Organizing Committee in association with economic and technological development bureau will be holding Pitch Roadshow for sci-tech enterprises from Brazil and Portugal on 25 September at BEYOND Metaverse Venue B. Founders and company representatives are invited to demonstrate the value of their products/services from various dimensions, including technological innovation, business value, marketing capabilities, corporate culture. Startups will receive personalized feedback from judges while showcasing your market potential to capital providers.

To participate, PC access only:

The following start-ups were in attendance.

CBR Genomics SA
CBR Genomics puts genomics at the service of medicine and develops clinical tools to support physician’s decision based on the invaluable information held in the DNA, improving healthcare outcomes, quality of life and longevity. From a saliva sample, the DNA.files services developed by CBR Genomics can screen over 300 diseases for babies, identify genetic intellectual disability in children.

Neroes transforms athletes’ and executives’ performance and well-being by measuring and enhancing mental abilities with advanced neuro-technologies. The Neroes Mental Training Platform monitors the user’s state of mind using the non- invasive electroencephalography technology, such as stress, anxiety, attention, etc., and it provides them interactive training to strengthen their mind skill. Athlete can benefit in performance improvement, faster decision making, self- confidence boost, and faster recovery and injury reduction.

Ilof Tech
iLof utilizes photonics to collect biomarker and biological
profiles from blood samples of patients. The iLof laser system can convert the optical signals generated by excited targets in the sample to a digital profile. With its AI powered planform and digital library, it then compares the profile for potential matches. The company aims to develop a technique to provide ways for personalized medicine for diseases like Alzheimer’s, while maintaining ongoing verticals on digestive cancer, stroke and infectious diseases. This new non-invasive, blood-based screening test can stratify patients for clinical trials, with benefit of about 40% cost saving, 70% reduction of time spent on screening.

DART Diganostic
The Portugal startup DART Diagnostics improves the technology of Immunoassays to create the new “DART technology”.
The traditional assay using 1:1 ratio between the target and the reporters, this leads to low sensitivity and causes false negative and delayed detection. The DART technology apply a bio-polymer containing with multiple reporters to bind with the target, changing the 1:1 ratio into 1:N, making the signal being amplified in the same amount of target, thus increases the sensitivity, and can save time and money, and by early diagnostics, it can save lives as well.

OVANTIS is a premium supplier of health information technology (HIT) solutions, services and devices. The team has already developed their business in the Portuguese market, and their clinical IT system has been adopted in major Portuguese private players like Luz Saúde, Champalimaud and public hospitals such as Hospital Beatriz Angelo. The clinical IT system also comes with a patient app, which aims to ensure medical compliance and provides additional medical access to the patients. With prescription and patient’s record, OVANTIS is also exploring to provide services like prescription drug delivery and even NFT for patients to sell their own health data to interested party.

FastCompChem (FCC) develops innovative technical solutions for computer aided drug design and early diagnosis with medical imaging. FCC ́s solution (X-EYE) allows an early diagnosis for respiratory conditions and breast cancer in emergency rooms and radiology units. FCC is unleashing quantum mechanics in computer aided drug design (CADD) to accelerate and lower the development cost of new drugs, from virtual screening to prediction of ADME/TOX properties. In FCC’ s new algorithm.

Hope Care
Hope Care from Portugal provides a cloud-based platform that enables remote surveillance of chronic patients for medical organizations. The patient needs a smart wearable device from any mainstream brand, such as fitbit, garmin and apple, to measure the basic parameters, e.g., blood pressure or oxygen saturation, and all these data will be recorded, registered, and shared in real time to the HCAlert platform by the HopeCare app in the patient’s mobile. When any parameter strays from normal value, an alert generated by algorithm will be issued to the doctors to allow them to choose a suitable treatment according to the severity.

Ablute builds the next generation toilet “Ablute” integrating water saving mechanism, self-cleaning system, urinalysis in a sophisticated design suitable for every decoration. Ablute consumes only 0.5L of water, 92% less water than conventional toilets. The Electronic Washing Device (DEL) in Ablute automatically cleans the bowl and seat with hot pressurized water, removes any dirt and eliminates bacteria and germs, leaving toilet brushes not needed anymore. At the same time, Ablute collects and analyzes the urine, screening 14 biomarkers including those for cancers, diabetes, female cycles.

RI-TE Radiation Imaging Technologies, Lda
IR-TE currently offers a compact, entry-level but yet high- resolution PET scanner, called easyPET.3D, for small animal imaging and educational/training purpose. EasyPET.3D, with its streamlined software, provides affordable means for preclinical study on small animals, and the cost can be about just 20% of competing products available in the market. The company is a spin-out from the University of Aveiro and currently developing a more advanced preclinical system (iPET) and scaling up the technology towards a clinical version for dedicated brain and breast imaging.

CRIAM is a Medtech startup founded in 2016. The name of the company CRIAM stands for chemical Reaction and Image Analysis for Mobility, which highlights its portable, rapid and accurate blood analyzers for blood type and infectious disease detection. Tests with a CRIAM analyzer does not require sample preparation, and it allows different types of tests just by changing the cartridges. The test result comes quick too: about 3 mins for blood type and 5mins for disease detection with very short turnaround time. The cost is about€16,000 per analyzer and €12 per cartridge, which can be an affordable alternative to traditional laboratory equipment.

Medical Adhesive-Related Skin Injuries (MARSI) occurs when the attachment of an adhesive to the skin is stronger than the one between skin cells. BestHealth4U (BH4U) develops the next-generation solution for skin-interacting medical devices that improves the health and quality of life, maintaining the skin health by using sustainable biomaterial. The BH4U’s Bio2Skin Advanced binds to the skin through hydrogen and Van der Waals bonds, offering mild adhesion to the skin, ensuring a safe and complete removal without damaging the integrity of the skin. It also creates a protective barrier against infections and helps the skin recover from MARSI. Additionally, BH4U has developed the adhesive. Ai containing “glue-less” biosensor patches and partner app monitoring wound treatment.

Decoy focuses on the development of biological pest control in livestock production, especially cattle, by introducing species of fungi that are natural enemies of bovine ticks. This innovative strategic treatment involves the use of only living organisms but not chemical; as a result, it will not cause environmental contamination, poisoning to people and animals and resistance in pest. Since 95% of ticks and its larvae are on the pasture instead of the animals, Decoy includes both treatment in the pasture and animals in order to completely destroy the pest life cycle. Decoy is at its final stage of development, and its products will soon be submitted for registration. Decoy is now offering partnership program, where it customizes treatment for its partnered properties. By 2021 June, Decoy has served over 700 properties, covering over 19,000 hectares.

The jury members present were from Kairous Capital, Creative Ventures Investor, Yael Capital, LATAM China Tech/ Ericsson ONE, New Frontier.