About BEYOND Awards Committee?

The BEYOND Awards Committee, established by the BEYOND Expo Organizing Committee, comprises key members from BEYOND Expo global partners and international investment institutions. Responsible for setting industry benchmarks, evaluating major technology awards, and implementing a robust selection process, the Committee is pivotal in driving excellence within the BEYOND Awards.

The annual application process for judges to serve on the BEYOND Awards 2024 Committee has commenced. We cordially invite venture capital experts, industry specialists, technology enthusiasts, and international judges to participate in selecting the most exceptional technological innovation projects for the BEYOND Awards 2024.

How to become a Committee Member?

Global innovative institutions, incubators, and venture capitalists are warmly encouraged to join the Committee. Please attach your organization profile and submit your application to: [email protected]. Our team will promptly reach out to discuss your participation further.

Benefits of Joining the BEYOND Awards Committee

  1. Recommending 1-2 companies directly into the final selection, providing corresponding benefits such as a complimentary booth at BEYOND Expo. Visit the official website for detailed benefits
  2. Invitations to the BEYOND Expo opening ceremony
  3. Exclusive access to the BEYOND Expo VIP dinner

Nomination of Awards Judges

To recommend judges for the panel, submit information through the official website’s “judge application portal” (no registration required). Judges can either submit independently or delegate members of their institution’s judging committee to submit on their behalf.

Ensure submissions are made before December 10th through the judge application page: https://www.beyondexpo.com/en/awards/committee-member-application/

Qualifications for Judges

Second-round Selection Judges:

1.    Senior investors with a minimum of 6 years’ professional experience at the Investment Director level or above.

2.    Technology experts with at least 6 years of industry experience, or economic experts with a minimum of 8 years in the industry.

3.    Renowned media professionals with over 8 years of experience.

Final Selection Judges:

National-level technology experts, founding partners of international investment institutions, executives of listed companies, leading industry enterprises, or founders of prominent media outlets.

Responsibilities of Judges

Judges will ensure fair and authoritative assessments of award applicants based on their professional knowledge and industry experience. Their backgrounds and achievements must be widely recognized and respected within the industry. Throughout the selection process, judges will conduct in-depth research and analysis to identify the best innovators. They will oversee initial audition, secondary selection, and final selection to encourage greater participation in technological innovation.

Second-Round Judges Responsibilities: These judges will rate all enterprises that passed the first-round selection, promoting the top 30 enterprises in each award to the final selection.

Final Selection Judges Responsibilities: Final selection judges will evaluate the final list, typically identifying 10 award-winning companies per list.

Benefits for Judges

1.    Invitations to the VIP dinner at the BEYOND Expo in Macau.

2.    Invitations to attend the BEYOND Expo’s opening, closing, and award presentation ceremonies.

3.    Final selection judges invited to the award presentation ceremony will receive a travel subsidy provided by BEYOND Expo.