Is one of your 2024 resolutions to find a place where the world’s most influential startups converge to redefine the future?
Or to seek a robust platform that ignites innovation, transcending boundaries for startups like yours?
Can you envision a stage where your innovation takes the center spotlight, resonating globally with your unique story?

Welcome to BEYOND Expo 2024 — an adventure designed to challenge norms and “Embrace the Uncertainties”, amplifying your startup’s potential.
Mark Your Calendar: May 22-25, 2024
Venue: The Venetian Macao Cotai Expo, Macao

At the bustling heart of Macao, spanning 100,000 square meters across three game-changing sectors — Sustainability, Healthcare, and ConsumerTech — BEYOND Expo 2024 gathers over 1,000 visionaries, from global giants to agile startups, under one banner: Embracing the Uncertainties.

Tailored Opportunities for Your Startup

This isn’t just about displays; it’s about tailored opportunities and connections. Imagine booths crafted to suit your startup’s needs—elevating product displays, amplifying networking, seamlessly integrating resources. Are you ready for a stage that mirrors your vision?

Two Booth Types, Endless Potential

To cater to diverse startup needs, the BEYOND Expo Organizing Committee has curated two booth types: Startup Booths and Standard Booths, providing flexibility in selection.

Startup Kiosk Application Qualification:
1.Access to all innovative technologies, products, and solutions that contribute to industrial and social development. The industry should belong to the “Healthcare”, “Sustainability” and “Consumer Tech” areas that BEYOND Expo 2024 focus on.
2.The demonstrated product must be first marketed or published after Jan 1, 2024, or must be expected to be marketed before Jan 1, 2025, or be a technology or project published during this period and relevant intellectual property rights have been acquired.
3.Your product or service must be innovative with the potential to make a profound impact on the market.
4.Crowdfunding campaigns, pre-orders and beta stages are allowed.
5.The applicant must be a legally registered company or legal institution.
6. Participants are limited to first-time exhibitors.
*BEYOND Expo 2024 reserves the right to cancel exhibitors who do not adhere to these entry criteria and/or the terms and conditions on the space contract.

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Build Bridges: Face-to-Face Meetings with Global Investors

Now, envision a whirlwind of opportunity: Face-to-face meetings, forums, and entertainment events transcending mere handshakes. The expo hosts numerous international capital matchmaking events and DEMO DAY, inviting industry leaders, global capital, and media to participate. Startups get a chance to engage with worldwide investors, share business ideas, introduce models, and discuss future development plans.

Networking events and several investment organizations from previous years

Spotlight on Global Media Exposure

The spotlight isn’t just local; it’s global. The BEYOND Expo Organizing Committee invites global mainstream media to report the conference’s exciting highlights through multi-language and omni-channel reports. Your innovation, uniqueness, and brand essence — this is your story waiting to be told on a global scale.

Summary from previous media coverage
Various forms of media coverage from previous years

BEYOND Awards 2024: Elevating Brilliance & Recognition

Additionally, participate in the BEYOND Awards—a celebration where brilliance meets recognition. It’s not just an award; it’s an elevation to partnerships and industry acknowledgment. Check out our Awards page for eligibility and details:

BEYOND Awards winners in BEYOND Expo 2023

Gather Wisdom: Industry Insights at Expo Industry Summit

Gain wisdom by networking with industry titans at the BEYOND Expo Industry Summit. At the BEYOND Expo Industry Summit, you’re not just an attendee. As a startup representative, seize the opportunity to learn best practices, gain insights into industry trends, and grasp market dynamics.

Global Connections in an International Social Atmosphere

Engage in an international social atmosphere, making global business connections. Use the BEYOND official app to connect with participants, industry leaders, and peers. Explore international social events and expand your international business networks.

Act Now! Secure Your Booth

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