As one of Asia’s premier technology events, BEYOND Expo Sustainability Summit has consistently led the industry’s trends. BEYOND Ecpo organizing committee is honored to have invited a series of forward-thinking guests, including Former Minister of Finance of Indonesia, Bambang Brodjonegoro; Member of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Steering Committee, Chairman of CASVI, President of SusallWave Technology Co., Ltd, Ma Weihua; President of IEEE 2023, Prof. Saifur Rahman; and UN Resident Coordinator in China, Siddharth Chatterjee; and other guests gathered together to discuss the challenges facing global sustainable development, share experiences and strategies to promote low-carbon development, provide attendees with new ideas and directions, inject new vitality and momentum into the future development of the industry.

BEYOND Expo 2024, a technology extravaganza themed “Embracing the Uncertainties” will be held in Macao from May 22nd to 25th, 2024. BEYOND Expo 2024 will comprehensively revamp its Sustainability Summit, upgrading it to the ClimateTech Summit, aimed at actively addressing the challenges of global climate change and leading the world towards a greener, low-carbon development path. The summit will bring together global leaders in technology innovation, renowned experts, entrepreneurs, and representatives from international organizations to discuss how to seize opportunities in the field of climate and low-carbon technology in this era of uncertainty.

Currently, BEYOND Expo 2024 is calling for speakers in the field of ClimateTech worldwide. BEYOND Expo 2024 focuses on technological innovation and applications in urban and ecologically sustainable development, promoting attention and cooperation on sustainable development among individuals, businesses, and governments worldwide. We sincerely invite top global technology leaders, industry experts, and innovators to join us. The preset speech directions (including but not limited to) are smart grids, alternative energy and materials, carbon accounting and markets, green logistics, green buildings and infrastructure, industrial efficiency and electrification, materials and recycling, resource and environmental science, negative carbon technology, agriculture and food technology, and other related topics.

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Previous Guests

BEYOND Expo has attracted top experts, scholars, business leaders, and industry pioneers from around the world to join in the grand event. Over the past few years, guests have engaged in in-depth discussions on various topics such as renewable/recycled materials, alternative energy and materials, food and agriculture issues, negative carbon technology, green cities and green buildings, resource and environmental science, green logistics, carbon accounting, and carbon markets.  These discussions have explored the development trends of the technology industry, promoting global technological innovation, and the progress of sustainable development.

Every innovative idea has the potential to become a significant force shaping the future. We look forward to welcoming more industry leaders and innovators to join us. If you are interested in BEYOND Expo or ClimateTech summit, and eager to showcase forward-thinking ideas on an international platform and share your unique insights, please do not hesitate to submit your information and a brief description of your speech content to push the boundaries of technological innovation forward!

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We will carefully review and evaluate all the materials you submit and respond to you as soon as possible! BEYOND Expo 2024 looks forward to your fantastic sharing! Let’s work together and contribute to building a green, low-carbon future world!

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About BEYOND Expo

The BEYOND International Technology Innovation Expo (BEYOND Expo) is Asia’s leading annual technology event. Serving as a dynamic platform since 2021, BEYOND Expo not only showcases global technological innovations but also provides a unique opportunity to foster innovation upgrades across diverse industries and regions. BEYOND Expo has attracted participation from Asia’s Fortune 500 companies, multinational corporations, unicorn companies, and emerging startups. Through a multifaceted approach involving expos, summits, and various activities, BEYOND Expo has successfully cultivated an innovative ecosystem, propelling collective development in the Asia-Pacific region and the global technology innovation industry.