BEYOND Expo 2024, in collaboration with exclusive partner Hengqin In-Depth Cooperation Investment Group, hosted a transformative Global Investment Summit on May 23. This event drew global investment leaders to Macao to delve into key themes reshaping the future of investment amidst today’s complex financial landscape. The summit highlighted the significant influence of investment and innovation on the future, positioning itself as a pivotal platform for groundbreaking discussions and collaborations.

BEYOND Expo 2024 – Global Investment Summit
Special Fireside Chat: David Beckham with Grant Chum (BEYOND Expo 2024)

Prominent Speakers Drive Visionary Discussions

The summit featured a lineup of distinguished speakers who addressed various topics around investment:

David BECKHAM, Sands Global Ambassador, shared valuable insights on the importance of authenticity in business and the significance of genuine belief in ventures during a fireside chat with Grant CHUM, President, CEO, and Executive Director of Sands China Ltd.

Harry MAN, partner of Matrix Partners China and Lu ZHANG, founder and managing partner of Fusion Fund, discussed the shift in investment strategies in the AI era, emphasizing the goal of creating market-fit AI products and the preference for investing in companies with unicorn potential for substantial IPO returns.

Panel Discussion: Where, When and How: Investing into Emerging Markets (BEYOND Expo 2024)
Panel Discussion: The Complexities of Cross-Border Investment in Asia (BEYOND Expo 2024)

Revolutionizing Investment Paradigms with AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) emerged as one of the centerpieces of the summit, capturing the attention of investors who emphasized its transformative impact on investment strategies. The discussions illuminated how AI is revolutionizing investment paradigms, despite the challenges posed by geopolitical tensions affecting the expansion of AI companies and global data governance.

Panel Discussion – The Change of Investment Strategies in the AI Era (BEYOND Expo 2024)
Panel Discussion: Investment Opportunity in AI, from Foundation Layer to Application Layer (BEYOND Expo 2024)

Navigating Geopolitical Tensions: Risk Mitigation and Global Collaboration

Geopolitical tensions have intensified technological decoupling, influencing investment decisions. Despite these challenges, startups remain focused on local markets, mitigating the impact of these tensions. Esther WONG, founder and CIO of 3Capital, highlighted that while some regions may lag in cutting-edge AI models, their market sizes offer operational excellence. Panelists emphasized the necessity for global collaboration in areas like open-source AI models and data governance.

Evaluating Emerging Markets: Balancing Risks and Opportunities

Investing in emerging markets was another focal point at the summit. Experts stressed the importance of evaluating political stability, regulations, and investor protections. Akio TANAKA, Partner at Headline, highlighted the need for understanding local cultural practices and regulatory environments. Roderick PURWANA, Managing Partner at East Ventures, shared insights on Indonesia’s tech ecosystem, noting the government’s supportive stance and the anticipated political changes with the upcoming presidential election. William Mimassi PEDROSO of Monashees emphasized the growing focus on ESG issues, particularly gender diversity and data protection, as crucial factors for investors.

Panel Discussion: Portfolio Construction Principles for Achieving Long-Term Family Objectives (BEYOND Expo 2024)

Pioneering the Future of Investment

The Global Investment Summit at BEYOND EXPO 2024 set a new benchmark for visionary investment discussions, offering a nuanced approach to balancing risks and opportunities in emerging markets. The summit underscored the importance of innovative investment strategies and global collaboration in shaping the future of the financial landscape.

About BEYOND Expo 2024

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