The 4th BEYOND Expo was grandly held at the Venetian Macao Cotai Expo with the theme “Embracing the Uncertainties” from May 22-25.

The two-day Healthcare Summit kicked off at Stage E. China Taiping Insurance Group Company Limited (referred to as “China Taiping”) participated as a strategic partner in the Healthcare sector of BEYOND Expo 2024, engaging in various activities.

On May 24, the Healthcare Summit, in collaboration with Hillhouse Global Healthcare Summit (HCare), focused on cutting-edge medical health technologies, biopharmaceutical research and development, and the latest explorations and future trends in the health industry. Dialogues with top global medical experts, investors, pharmaceutical group executives, and industry leaders provided attendees with an unparalleled feast of ideas, significantly advancing the integration of industry and research in the medical field and promoting innovative development.

With the recovery from the pandemic, the tourism industry is undergoing new transformations. Medical tourism, as another major demand point in cross-border travel, is also entering a new chapter. Under the moderation of Sunny DONG, CEO and Executive Director of Jinxin Fertility Group, Carl WU, Co-founder and CEO of New Frontier & United Family Healthcare; Dr. Agus Heru DARJONO, CEO of BMHS; and Dr. Melvin HENG, Group CEO of Thomson Medical, shared insights on the topic ” Destination Spotlight: The Market Opportunities for Medical Tourism.” They discussed new trends in the post-pandemic medical tourism market, how to balance changes and opportunities in this market, and ways to reduce obstacles encountered in overseas medical care.

Innovative therapies, represented by gene therapy drugs, are another hot direction in the field of life sciences. Despite significant challenges and the need for substantial investment, the field of innovative therapies has been making continuous breakthroughs in recent years. In the panel discussion ” Innovative Therapies: Challenges and Innovative Solutions in the Development of Cell and Gene Therapy Drugs,” moderator WU Zhenhua, CEO of Exegenesis Bio Inc., WANG Shiyu, Co-Founder and CSO of Sanegene Bio, along with LIU Yarong, CEO of Grit Biotechnology, discussed the opportunities and challenges in the market for innovative therapies and how these technologies can benefit patients.

In recent years, going global has become an essential strategy for enterprise development – from product exports to service exports, from foreign investment to global research and development. More and more enterprises and institutions are focusing on broader boundaries. Based on the theme ” Gear up for a Fresh Start: China’s Innovative Pharmaceuticals,” Dr. XIE Ting, Managing Director of Hillhouse, shared profound insights on Hillhouse Capital’s exploration in the field of innovative drugs in recent years and observations on the globalization of innovative drugs.

Dr. XIE Ting stated that currently, Chinese biotech companies not only meet domestic patient needs but are also increasingly exploring emerging markets in Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia. He emphasized, “In this process, Macau can become a very important node to push innovative therapies from China’s biotech sector to the global stage.”

Following this theme, Dr. XIE Ting, along with CAO Yong, Vice President of Business Development China of BeiGene; CHEN Bing, Vice President of AstraZeneca International Business Development and Venture Fund, Managing Director and Co-founder of AZ-CICC Healthcare Investment Fund; and Ryan WANG, VP of Eli Lilly, discussed their companies’ layouts in China, observations on the Chinese innovative drug market, and their views on the future prospects of the biotech sector.

In the panel discussion “Research hospitals support the development of innovative drugs globally” moderated by FENG Chen, Vice President of GoBroad Healthcare Group, LI Jin, President of Shanghai GoBroad Cancer Hospital Affiliated to China Pharmaceutical University; HEI Yong-jiang, CEO of Biocity Biopharmaceutics Co., Ltd., GUO Tong, VP of IQVIA China, discussed the development and future of China’s biopharmaceutical field from the perspective of research hospitals, focusing on the challenges and opportunities of Chinese innovative drugs going global.

International cooperation is an important way to promote innovation and development in the medical field. In the afternoon, under the moderation of LIU Chang, Founder of ASK Health Asia, Ivana POPARIC, Head of Life Sciences Cluster Development at MedCity; and Dr. CHEONG Wei Yang, Senior Advisor for Health Economics at Ministry of Health (Singapore), shared insights on the theme ” Collaboration and Partnerships in Global Healthcare Market,” exploring the trends of international cooperation in the life sciences field from the perspectives of Europe and Singapore and discussing how to better seize the cooperation opportunities between China and the international market.

Currently, the new wave of technological revolution driven by AI is having an undeniable impact on various industries. In this context, embracing AI is becoming a necessary option for enterprise development, and the pharmaceutical sector is no exception. In the panel discussion” AI-Powered Drug Discovery and Development: Revolutionizing the Pharmaceutical Industry,” moderated by Leo MA, Dean of Deloitte AI Institute (Hong Kong), Dr WEN Shuhao, Co-Founder of Xtalpi, and TANG Qiusong, Head of Roche Accelerator, discussed the latest observations and thoughts on how AI can aid drug discovery.

In another panel discussion moderated by Charlie Campbell, Correspondent for TIME Magazine, LI Yingrui, Co-Founder & Chief Scientist of iCarbonX, and Dr. Peter SVALANDER, Consultant of Genea Biomedx, discussed the topic “Biotechnology and Artificial Intelligence: Future Technologies in Personal Health.” They explored how frontier technologies represented by biotechnology and AI are bringing changes to personal health from a healthcare perspective and reiterated the importance of personal data privacy protection.

The panel discussion ” Biotech, AI and more, the future technology in personal health” focused on the latest progress in the stem cell field and how this technology direction provides new solutions for disease treatment. Moderator XU Xiaosong, General Manager of Hengqin Perfect-Gen Medical Co. Ltd., along with OUYANG Chenxi, Director surgeon of Beijing Fuwai Hospital; JIANG Caoyang, President of MMC Medical Group Canada; and WANG Jialun, Deputy General Manager, CTO of Shanghai Sino Great Ark Life Health Technology Co., Ltd., shared their observations and explorations in the field of stem cell research.

In conclusion of the Healthcare Summit, Shigeru SATO, Academic Director of Gensai 100 Club Co., Ltd., shared his latest observations and explorations on the theme “Stem cell treatment in Japan.”