The 4th BEYOND International Technology Innovation Expo (referred to as “BEYOND Expo 2024”) is themed “Embrace the Unknown,” attracting participation from over 800 companies, including Asia’s Fortune 500 companies, multinational corporations, unicorn companies, and emerging startups. During the BEYOND Expo, numerous forums and summits will be held concurrently.

BEYOND Expo 2024 established the BEYOND Awards to showcase cutting-edge innovation, promote comprehensive integration and interaction between capital, industry, and innovation, and fully unleash the influence of technological innovation. BEYOND Awards aims to discover and encourage individuals or technology companies with outstanding performance and social impact across various industries through four major categories: BEYOND ConsumerTech Innovation Awards. These awards aim to showcase the limitless possibilities of technological innovation and influence on the global community. The winners will be selected by the BEYOND Awards Committee based on a comprehensive evaluation of technical content, commercial value, and innovation. 



Awarded Company: Nothing Phone

Slogan: Making tech fun again

Awarded Product/Technology/Solution: Nothing Phone (2a)

Description: The Phone (2a), building on the acclaimed flagship smartphone Phone (2) by Nothing, aims to deliver the best daily smartphone experience by doubling down on Nothing’s expertise in engineering and craftsmanship to meet core user needs. This device is ideal for those who enjoy exploring innovations and designs and know exactly what they want or don’t want in a smartphone. It features a powerful unique processor, an exceptional 50 MP dual rear camera, an ultra-bright flexible AMOLED display, and an intuitive operating system that ensures a fast and smooth experience with every interaction.


Awarded Company: AI² Robotics 

Slogan: A real world AGI company

Awarded Product/Technology/Solution: AI2R Brain, AGI Native Smart Device

Description: The project focuses on the fusion and innovative integration of general artificial intelligence (AGI) and intelligent hardware. It successfully developed the AI2R Brain intelligent core, which combines perception, interaction, and behavior planning, based on a self-developed multimodal large model. Through full-stack innovative design, a series of native AGI intelligent terminals based on the AI2R Brain was launched, covering consumer-grade wearable products and various forms of robots. These diverse intelligent terminals share the same intelligent core, possessing precise environmental perception capabilities and efficient task planning and execution abilities, enabling natural and smooth interaction with users. The project significantly promotes the widespread application and in-depth development of general artificial intelligence technology in various scenarios, including personal life, industrial production, and home services.


Awarded Company: IFLYREC

Slogan: Breaks down communication barriers

Awarded Product/Technology/Solution: IFLYTEK Multilingual Simultaneous Interpreting System

Description: iFlytek Trans is a product widely applicable to large-scale high-end conferences, press conferences, exhibitions, and other scenarios. It has served over 50 countries and regions worldwide, supporting more than 400,000 conferences and reaching over 400 million viewers.

iFlytek Trans large model version supports AI automatic recognition of 25 languages (without the need for manual language selection) and can provide simultaneous translation into Chinese or English. In cross-border communication environments, it significantly enhances communication efficiency. With the support of large model capabilities, the recognition accuracy of major languages has increased by an average of about 20%.


Awarded Company: Loona

Slogan: The Best Gift for Kids: Loona AI Petbot Powered by GPT

Awarded Product/Technology/Solution: Loona AI

Description: Loona AI is an AI-based product with powerful visual and computing capabilities. It can scan and model the environment, enabling trajectory planning and navigation. With 3D sensors and RGB vision, it can swiftly recognize various human actions and expressions. It features facial recognition, body detection, dynamic and static gesture recognition, skeletal recognition, 3D motion capture, object recognition, emotion perception, pet recognition, scene recognition, and sign recognition. Integrating ChatGPT enhances Loona AI’s intelligence, allowing it to interact freely with users. Loona AI can express three to four hundred different emotions and has dozens of game modes like bullfighting and laser chasing. It can also automatically recognize and take care of pets.


Awarded Company: Dataa Robotics

Slogan: Operating Smart Robots for People

Awarded Product/Technology/Solution: Cloud Ginger

Description: Cloud Ginger is a 5G humanoid intelligent service robot independently developed by Dataa Robotics. As a new 5G species, it connects to the cloud brain HARIX via a secure robot network (VBN). With the support of the cloud brain and RobotGPT, it possesses excellent language dialogue abilities and multi-modal interaction capabilities, transforming into various roles to provide services. Cloud Ginger features 34 intelligent flexible joints (SCA) throughout its body and has human-like hands capable of precise movement, visual grasp, and safe environmental perception, allowing for multiple human-machine interaction modes.


Awarded Company: ZENO

Slogan: Build Your Pipeline

Awarded Product/Technology/Solution: ZENO TACOS

Description: ZENO software, with its innovative visual node editing technology, not only achieves efficient collaboration across platform tools but also allows users to finely adjust production processes through programmatic data connection. ZENO’s top-level perspective design simplifies the definition of complex task chains, bringing revolutionary efficiency improvements to traditional content production. As the first “full-process” 3D content generation software in China, ZENO has been recognized by top industry production teams for its advancements in procedural modeling, physical simulation, muscle animation solving, and real-time ray-tracing rendering of PBR materials. Its high-performance parallel computing framework (ZPC) ensures excellent computing performance on both CPUs and GPUs. The TACOS feature, launched with ZENO 2024, allows users to define multi-task automated execution and manage distributed computing.


Awarded Company: GENEINNO

Slogan: What is more worth exploring than the sky is the ocean!

Awarded Product/Technology/Solution: GENEINNO T2 Underwater Robot

Description: The GENEINNO T2 underwater intelligent robot can dive up to 300 meters and is a multi-degree-of-freedom ROV suitable for high-end consumer, specialized industry, and military applications. It can be equipped with various peripherals and features a self-developed 6-degree-of-freedom deep-sea intelligent fully sealed mechanical arm. With high operational capability and functionality, it replaces expensive imported equipment, empowering global lightweight underwater machines and elevating AI underwater operations to new heights.


Awarded Company: AEROFUGIA

Slogan: Elevate Your Journey

Awarded Product/Technology/Solution: AE200 eVTOL – Airworthy Configuration

Description: The new AE200 airworthy configuration is a 5-6 seat tilt-rotor pure electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft/flying car, featuring vertical take-off and landing, new energy power, and intelligent driving. It has achieved multiple technological breakthroughs and formed a uniquely Chinese-created flying car technology with complete independent intellectual property rights. It is also the first manned eVTOL in the country to receive official approval. The AE200 airworthy configuration can provide efficient aerial transportation solutions through its vertical take-off and landing capability, alleviating ground traffic pressure, optimizing urban space utilization, and offering diverse travel options for urban residents.


Awarded Company: FrictionX

Slogan: Structural Superlubricity Technology, which is a disruptive technology to solve the problem of friction and wear of microsystems.

Awarded Product/Technology/Solution: Structural Superlubricity Technology

Description: Shenzhen FrictionX Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to developing disruptive technology and source innovation based on structural superlubricity. Structural superlubricity technology is one of the best solutions to the friction and wear problems of small devices. Led by Academician Zheng Quanshui of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the team first prepared the world’s largest-scale superlubricity material, focusing on the development and application of N products. They have become pioneers and leaders in disruptive technology solutions for friction and wear, helping to reduce energy waste and product failure, and providing electronic products with ultra-long life and excellent performance. The structural superlubricity motor directly addresses the pain points of traditional brushed motors, extending the maximum lifespan from 1,500 hours to 4,000 to 10,000 hours, effectively improving energy utilization efficiency. It is mainly used in humanoid robots and micro special motors. Currently, they have established strategic cooperation with several leading companies in related fields.



Awarded Company: China State Construction International Holdings Limited
Slogan: Digital Intelligence Empowers a Community with a Shared Future
Awarded Product/Technology/Solution: Carbon Neutrality Cloud Platform
Description: China State Construction International has independently designed and developed a sustainable development and carbon neutrality cloud platform, including modules for environmental performance, social performance, corporate governance, and carbon neutrality. The platform integrates data acquisition and analysis functions, extending further to assess environmental impact, formulate emission reduction strategies, and track stakeholder feedback. It utilizes technologies such as IoT, cloud computing, blockchain, big data, and AI, based on multi-standard carbon management systems both domestically and internationally. The platform includes an emissions factor library, enabling one-stop functions for carbon emission modeling, automatic carbon footprint calculation, certification, and evaluation, helping to manage and optimize resources more efficiently, reduce environmental impact, and lay the foundation for future carbon asset development and trading.

Awarded Company: Mauo Energy Community
Awarded Product/Technology/Solution: Mauo Energy
Description: Mauo Energy Community has accumulated extensive experience in innovative power systems such as blockchain green power labels, smart charging and discharging scheduling, and digital energy trading communities. Currently, it is developing intelligent solutions integrating photovoltaic, energy storage, and charging scenarios to help users easily sell power or provide flexibility, allowing end users to seamlessly access virtual power markets and participate in energy trading.

Awarded Company: WeRide
Slogan: The world’s first pre-designed Level 4 robobus for large-scale commercial operations
Awarded Product/Technology/Solution: WeRide Robobus
Description: The WeRide Robobus is the world’s first pre-installed mass-produced autonomous minibus, and the first intelligent driving vehicle to win the German Red Dot Award. It features a fully driverless design without a cockpit, a top speed of 40 km/h, and is equipped with WeRide’s self-developed full-stack hardware and software solution. It can safely and efficiently handle various complex urban traffic conditions. The Robobus has accumulated rich experience in autonomous city microcirculation services, conducting road tests and operations in nearly 30 cities domestically and internationally, including Guangzhou, Beijing, Wuxi, Singapore, and Abu Dhabi.

Awarded Company: RePlasTerial
Slogan: Remake Plastic, Greener Planet
Awarded Product/Technology/Solution: RePlasTerial
Description: RePlasTerial is a manufacturer of recycled plastic boards for commercial real estate and retail stores, providing “recyclable” large boards with carbon-neutral zero waste. The company focuses on circular design and innovative recycling of post-consumer recycled plastics (PCR), using self-developed automated high-end manufacturing forming equipment and floral designs to regenerate 100% waste plastic into large-area boards, achieving high-value innovative applications of recycled plastics. Their mission is to transform single-use packaging into sustainably recyclable new materials, challenging existing perceptions and treatment methods of “waste” to achieve “zero waste” cities.

Awarded Company: Hynovation
Slogan: Creating a Better Hydrogen Life
Awarded Product/Technology/Solution: Hydrogen fuel cells 240+kW Kirin Series
Description: The Kirin series hydrogen fuel cell system is the world’s first 260kW rated power system and the world’s first 240kW single-stack maximum power hydrogen fuel cell system. Hynovation is a national-level specialized and innovative “little giant” enterprise focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of hydrogen fuel cell systems, stacks, membrane electrodes, and key components. The founding team comprises experts from the global new energy vehicle and fuel cell fields, with a core technical team of over 260 people, including more than 40 doctors and experts. The 1-1000kW full-matrix hydrogen fuel cell system products with independent intellectual property rights have been widely applied in buses, trucks, logistics vehicles, rail transit, and ships, and have expanded the innovative application of hydrogen energy in power generation and energy storage fields.

Awarded Company: DeepCtrls
Slogan: Deep Energy Efficiency, We Make Every kWh Matter
Awarded Product/Technology/Solution: DeepSYS A new generation of deep energy-saving systems based on “mechanism framework+AI”
Description: The new generation of deep energy-saving systems based on the “mechanism framework+AI” — “DeepSYS” — can establish high-precision performance simulation models for HVAC and air compressor energy systems at the equipment level. Under the condition of ensuring terminal demand, it can traverse hundreds of thousands of equipment operating conditions in real-time to find the optimal control parameters corresponding to the lowest system total energy consumption, ultimately achieving active optimization and closed-loop control that “approaches the energy-saving limit of the system,” saving an additional 10%+ based on existing control systems, with an average energy-saving rate of 10%-40%. Enterprises can compare energy efficiency data before and after optimization in real-time within 5 minutes through the system’s one-click switch function, verifying the energy-saving effect instantly.

Awarded Company: China Civil Engineering Construction Company (Macau) Ltd.
Slogan: Digital Intelligence Construction, Building the Future World
Awarded Product/Technology/Solution: CCECC Digital Intelligence Construction Management System Platform DIC Pro 4.0
Description: China Civil Engineering Construction Company is actively iterating its digital intelligence construction platform, participating in digital infrastructure construction, continuously improving management capabilities, and aiding enterprises in digital transformation. The company has established an enterprise-level digital intelligence construction management platform and applied digital intelligence construction technology to some projects undertaken in Macau. This includes the introduction of 4DBIM, IoT smart construction sites, and BIM information technology in the Macau Bridge project management; the creation of a GIS+BIM integrated visualized 3D platform electronic sand table and project overall collaboration management system for the Macau Light Rail Extension Hengqin Line project; and the adoption of a BIM technology + prefabricated building integration construction model for the Macau New City Zone A Area A1 public housing design and construction project, promoting green, low-carbon, digital, and smart construction, and achieving iterative upgrades in the application of digital intelligence technology.

Awarded Company: Originnovation LTD
Slogan: Return a touch of green to the earth. Bestow upon the future a slice of blue sky.
Awarded Product/Technology/Solution: Twenty-Fifty
Description: To address single-use plastic and microplastic pollution, Originnovation LTD has developed an innovative patented technology platform called ‘TwentyFifty,’ which uses by-products from the food system to produce industrial-scale plastic substitute materials. The significance of 2050 is that if we do not change, the amount of plastic in the ocean will exceed the amount of fish by 2050. The ‘TwentyFifty’ production line is a closed-loop system; after use, the products can be composted or recycled as feed for agriculture. This innovative method can manage the entire lifecycle of products, achieving the “from farm to table… back to farm” cycle with near-zero emissions across the industrial supply chain, whether gas, liquid, or solid.



Awarded Company: Insilico Medicine
Slogan: To Extend Healthy Productive Longevity for Everyone
Awarded Product/Technology/Solution: Pharma.AI Artificial Intelligence-powered Drug R&D Platform
Description: Insilico Medicine is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical technology company driven by generative AI. It connects biology, chemistry, and clinical trial analysis through next-generation AI systems, utilizing modern machine learning techniques such as deep generative models, reinforcement learning, and transformer models. The company has built a powerful and efficient AI drug R&D platform that identifies new targets and generates candidate drugs with specific molecular structures. Insilico Medicine focuses on unmet medical needs in areas such as cancer, fibrosis, immunology, central nervous system diseases, and age-related diseases, advancing and accelerating innovative drug development. With its proprietary commercial AI drug R&D platform, Pharma.AI, the company has developed a diversified portfolio of more than 30 self-developed pipelines. Since 2021, it has nominated 18 preclinical candidate compounds, advancing 8 projects to clinical stages. Recently, the company published its research on a first-in-class anti-idiopathic fibrosis TNIK inhibitor discovered and designed by generative AI in Nature Biotechnology. This drug is currently in Phase 2 clinical trials.

Awarded Company: BioGeometry
Slogan: Generating Proteins with Foundation Models
Awarded Product/Technology/Solution: Generative AI-driven Protein Design and Optimization
Description: The BioGeometry team is the first to apply diffusion generative models to molecular design. By integrating billions of protein data and proprietary algorithms, they have built a digital bridge connecting protein sequences, structures, and functions, creating a powerful protein pre-training foundation model. This model accurately predicts protein structures, optimizes catalytic activity, enhances affinity maturation, improves stability, and modifies developability. It can also de novo design functional proteins in a search space of 20^20. BioGeometry’s protein foundation model has been successfully applied in antibody discovery, reagent development, and enzyme engineering. The model’s capabilities are extended to more users through the one-stop antibody discovery SaaS platform, GeoBiologics, helping clients achieve better molecules with fewer wet lab experiments and filter risky molecules in advance, significantly improving project success rates and efficiency.

Awarded Company: Bellagen
Slogan: Gene-editing for a Healthier Life

Awarded Product/Technology/Solution: Bellagen
Description: Shandong Bellagen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a pioneering company in the industrialization of plant gene editing in China. Focused on the development and industrial promotion of foundational gene editing technologies, Bellagen has independently developed a family of core gene editing tools, represented by CRISPR Cas SF01 and CRISPR Cas SF02. The company has established gene editing systems for more than 20 plant species, creating a series of new high-yield, stress-resistant, nutritionally enhanced, and high-value varieties. In April 2023, the company obtained China’s first plant gene editing safety certificate (high oleic acid soybean), and in January 2024, it received a second safety certificate (long juvenile soybean), propelling China’s gene editing technology into the fast lane of industrialization.

Awarded Company: SYNBIOLAB
Slogan: Design the Future with Synthetic Biology
Awarded Product/Technology/Solution: High Value-added Green Raw Materials
Description: Jiaxing SYNBIOLAB Biotechnology Co., Ltd. focuses on the industrial application of synthetic biology technology, primarily in the fields of functional sugars, natural medicines, and pharmaceutical intermediates. It has established an “R&D Syn+” multi-platform research model, leading in gene mining and omics analysis, AI and enzyme modification applications, non-aqueous catalytic systems, and enzyme immobilization. SYNBIOLAB has completed the construction of a high-performance computing server cluster, a biosynthesis research center, and a pilot production base. The company holds 26 authorized invention and utility model patents, and 4 software copyrights. It has achieved a full-chain layout from multi-omics analysis, key gene mining, model algorithm application, cell factory construction to fermentation process scale-up, completing pilot validation of several functional sugars’ processes and transferring the production of multiple pharmaceutical intermediates to contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs).

Awarded Company: PackGene Biotech
Slogan: Make Gene Therapy Affordable
Awarded Product/Technology/Solution: π-Alpha™ 293 AAV High-yield Platform
Description: PackGene Biotech is a leading global CRO and CDMO company specializing in AAV viral vector packaging. PackGene’s proprietary π-Alpha™ 293 AAV high-yield platform uses uniquely designed RC plasmids in a three-plasmid transfection system to increase AAV yields of various serotypes by 3 to 8 times. Combined with upstream and downstream QbD optimization in the production process, the total AAV yield can be increased by up to 10 times. A single batch of AAV production can provide up to 1E+17 vg viral particles, meeting the needs of most clinical and commercial-grade AAV production.

Awarded Company: HEMOGEN
Slogan: Create A Thalassemia Free World Together
Awarded Product/Technology/Solution: Development and Application of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Gene Therapy Platform
Description: Hematopoietic stem cell gene therapy (HSC-GT) is a novel gene therapy platform that uses gene editing to modify the hematopoietic stem cells of patients, enabling them to produce normal or functionally enhanced blood cells. This therapy targets blood system diseases (such as hereditary blood diseases and autoimmune diseases) and blood system-related diseases (such as neurological disorders, metabolic diseases, and solid tumors). The project improves the safety, efficacy, stability, and market accessibility of the HSC-GT platform through optimized hematopoietic stem cell processes, proprietary lentiviral expression vectors, key quality control analysis methods, and fully automated equipment. Based on the self-developed HSC-GT platform, the project has advanced two gene therapy products to clinical stages and successfully cured several patients with transfusion-dependent thalassemia.

Awarded Company: SynOrg
Slogan: OrgFab®—Shape The Future
Awarded Product/Technology/Solution: High-throughput Engineering Organoid Platform
Description: The founding team of SynOrg, formed by researchers from Tsinghua University, combines cutting-edge medical and engineering technologies to produce organoids that meet small-sample preparation needs while achieving standardized, large-scale production and application. SynOrg has developed unique high-throughput 3D printing equipment for standardized organoid modeling, including proprietary living cell microsphere preparation technology and 3D bioprinting equipment.

Awarded Company: Protoga
Slogan: Microalgae Inspire a New World
Awarded Product/Technology/Solution: Sustainable Microalgae-based Raw Materials
Description: Protoga is a leading high-tech enterprise in synthetic biology for microalgae, recognized as a national high-tech enterprise. Leveraging decades of research from Tsinghua University’s microalgae innovation lab, Protoga combines microalgae cultivation with synthetic biology techniques, replacing traditional pipeline and raceway pond cultivation methods with advanced upstream microalgae breeding and engineered cell construction platforms. The company has also established efficient midstream high-density microalgae cultivation and low-cost harvesting industrial manufacturing platforms, as well as green downstream product purification and application development platforms, creating a new paradigm for the microalgae industry distinct from traditional cultivation enterprises.

Awarded Company: DarkJade Sciences
Slogan: DarkJade Sciences: Globally-leading Fully-automated Equipment and Awarded Product/Technology/Solution: Commercialization Platform for Organoid Intelligent Manufacturing
Description: DSO Apollo™ High-Throughput Fully Automated Organoid Culture and Drug Sensitivity Test All-in-One Machine
DarkJade Sciences’ DSO Apollo™ is the world’s first fully integrated high-throughput automated system for organoid culture and drug sensitivity testing using microfluidic chip technology and AI-powered data analysis. This advanced life sciences precision instrument replaces traditional manual organoid modeling and drug testing processes, reduces reaction system size, significantly lowers consumable costs, and decreases tumor sample, manpower, and time consumption, achieving fully integrated and intelligent application of organoids.

Awarded Company: PharMolix
Slogan: AI4Pharma
Awarded Product/Technology/Solution: ChatDD: AI4Pharma
Description: PharMolix’s ChatDD-FM100B is the world’s first and currently only commercially available large-scale multimodal biomedical foundation model with tens of billions of parameters. It aligns molecules, proteins, cells, and natural language, demonstrating superior general capabilities across multiple drug R&D-related downstream tasks. Trained on millions of biomedical literature in both Chinese and English, multimodal alignment data, general scenario dialogues, and tens of thousands of tool-call instructions and medical scenario dialogues, ChatDD achieved top scores in all four medical specializations in the C-Eval evaluation in September 2023, the only model to average over 90 points. It also excels in multiple biomedical question-answering benchmark datasets, matching the level of human medical experts. As a next-generation conversational drug R&D assistant (Copilot), ChatDD can serve various drug R&D scenarios, from project initiation research, target discovery, early drug discovery, preclinical research, and biomarker discovery, to precise patient recruitment.




Slogan: Assembling a Green World, Building Quality Homes for People

Awarded Product/Technology/Solution: Xicheng District Huapichang Hutong No. 8 Building Renewal Project (Residential)

Description: This project is one of Beijing’s first pilot projects using the “original demolition and reconstruction” model. Located in Xinjiekou Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, it is only 5 km from Tiananmen Square. Covering an area of 374 square meters and with a building area of 1,194 square meters, it is a five-story residential building with 20 units. The project utilizes a concrete modular building system, comprising 55 modular units integrated with architecture, structure, decoration, and equipment pipelines in the factory, and installed on-site. The total construction period is just three months. Concrete modular construction technology offers significant advantages, including safety, reliability, efficiency, healthiness, smart integration, and green low-carbon benefits. Compared to traditional construction methods, this technology reduces on-site solid waste by 75%, material waste by 25%, construction time by over 75%, and on-site labor by over 70%.

Commitment to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals:

  • 7 Affordable and Clean Energy
  • 9 Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
  • 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • 12 Responsible Consumption and Production
  • 13 Climate Action

Awarded Company: China Civil Engineering Construction Company (Macau) Ltd.

Slogan: Digitally Constructing the World, Intelligently Creating the Future

Awarded Product/Technology/Solution: China Civil Digital Construction Management System Platform DIC pro4.0

Description: The enterprise-level digital construction management platform, China Civil Digital Construction Management System Platform DIC pro4.0, has applied digital construction technology to several projects in Macau. This includes introducing 4D BIM, IoT smart construction sites, and BIM information technology in the Macau Bridge project management. The Macau Light Rail Extension Hengqin Line project features a GIS+BIM integrated visual 3D platform electronic sandbox and overall project collaborative management system. The Macau New City Area A1 public housing design and construction project uses BIM technology combined with prefabricated building components, promoting green, low-carbon, digital, and intelligent construction. These applications have achieved iterative upgrades of digital construction technologies.

Commitment to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals:

  • 9 Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
  • 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • 12 Responsible Consumption and Production
  • 13 Climate Action

Awarded Company: DeCarbon Tech

Slogan: Pioneering the Next Generation of Carbon Capture Technology

Awarded Product/Technology/Solution: Low-Cost, High-Efficiency Carbon Capture and Utilization Technology

Description: DeCarbon Tech is a climate management company centered around next-generation CO2 capture technology. The company’s low-cost, high-efficiency carbon capture and utilization technology effectively addresses the challenges of greenhouse gas emission reductions for enterprises, supporting sustainable development goals. The team has innovatively developed a series of low-cost, high-performance carbon capture materials and core technology equipment using inexpensive, widely available solid waste as raw material. This fills a technical gap in the field of solid amine CO2 capture and addresses key issues faced by CCUS technology.

Commitment to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals:

  • 13 Climate Action

Awarded Company: AEROFUGIA

Slogan: Start, Reach New Heights

Awarded Product/Technology/Solution: AEROFUGIA Low-Altitude Travel Solution

Description: To address increasingly congested urban traffic, AEROFUGIA has developed eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) aircraft, demonstrating positive impacts on sustainable development, clean energy, urban transportation, and technological innovation. The AE200, a fully electric, low-carbon green transportation tool, helps propel the aviation industry towards green transformation. It has the potential to replace traditional helicopters in various applications, including aerial tourism, business shuttles, and emergency rescue, and will gradually be used for high-density passenger commercial air transport over densely populated areas, offering innovative solutions to urban traffic congestion and promoting the development of three-dimensional and intelligent urban transportation. Its efficient, convenient, and safe characteristics also support rapid response in medical rescues and disaster emergencies.

Commitment to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals:

  • 7 Affordable and Clean Energy

Awarded Company: BEWG

Slogan: Creating Better Living Environments

Awarded Product/Technology/Solution: Distributed Optical Fiber Temperature Measurement System Monitoring Technology for Drainage Networks

Description: This technology, innovated by BEWG’s wholly-owned subsidiary BEWG City Drainage (Qingdao) Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., involves a process of laying, data reception, algorithm analysis, and platform display. The temperature-sensing optical fibers are laid in the sewage of the drainage network, monitoring the temperature changes along the line in real-time 24/7. Since infiltration water is cooler than the existing sewage, the temperature measurement system can detect this change, receive the data, and, given the complexity of the drainage network, use algorithms to fit the temperature along the line to identify the actual infiltration points and times. This result is displayed on the GIS information platform, allowing managers to visualize and manage the infiltration situation in the drainage network.

Commitment to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals:

  • 9 Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
  • 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities

Awarded Company: CATL

Awarded Product/Technology/Solution: Shenxing PLUS Battery

Description: The Shenxing PLUS Battery is the world’s first lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery product that combines a range of 1000 km per charge and 4C ultra-fast charging capabilities. This innovation, in a more cost-effective chemical system, aims to democratize cutting-edge technology and make it accessible to a broader social group. Produced in advanced manufacturing facilities equipped with intelligent AI technology, CATL’s Shenxing PLUS Battery is manufactured in factories recognized as lighthouse factories by the World Economic Forum, including the world’s first zero-carbon battery factory. According to the ESG report, by 2023, CATL has four factories certified as zero-carbon. Each Shenxing PLUS Battery cell is produced in one second with a defect rate of only one in a billion, increasing labor productivity by 75% and reducing annual energy consumption by 10%. The battery’s sustainable service life exceeds 8 years, maintaining 80% of its energy storage capacity after over 3000 charging cycles, with a recycling rate of 99.6%, effectively reducing chemical waste emissions.

Commitment to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals:

  • 9 Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
  • 12 Responsible Consumption and Production

Awarded Company: Fujifilm (China)

Awarded Product/Technology/Solution: Co-Creation Acceleration Program

Description: Fujifilm, with its extensive range of patented technologies, spans fields such as electronic materials, imaging, healthcare, and business innovation, offering advanced products and services globally. Building on its core technologies initially developed for photographic film production, Fujifilm continually innovates in high-performance materials, consumer technology, and life sciences, exploring new markets and launching new products. The Fujifilm Open Innovation Program leverages these technologies to develop innovative products and supports industry innovation through various means, including providing advanced technology, co-developing new products, and promoting open innovation. This program enhances the competitiveness and technical capabilities of SMEs, supporting their growth and sustainable development. It has already empowered numerous technological innovation projects, including artistic speakers and invisible markers for quality inspection.

Commitment to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals:

  • 9 Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
  • 12 Responsible Consumption and Production