BEYOND Expo launched the inaugural “FUND AT FIRST PITCH” this year as a bridge between companies and investment institutions, providing a platform to showcase innovative power and offering opportunities for startups to connect with investors. It has quickly become one of the most popular sessions this year.

Over the years, BEYOND Expo has successfully attracted numerous investment institutions from around the world, facilitating the connection of many projects with the capital market. Unlike BEYOND Expo’s traditional DEMO DAY (pitch) format of previous years, this year’s BEYOND Expo, in collaboration with strategic partner CICC Capital, is rebranding under the new name FUND AT FIRST PITCH. This “Extreme Speed Pitch” event, with its unique stage format and Macao’s distinctive features, created a dynamic platform for startups to connect with multiple investment institutions in a short period.

FUND AT FIRST PITCH aligns with the BEYOND Expo 2024’s theme, focusing on three major areas: ConsumerTech, Healthcare, and ClimateTech. Each theme is divided into sessions in Chinese and English to ensure diversity. The event gathered numerous outstanding startups from China, Asia, and around the globe to present on this stage. Speakers representing these startups must use the “Wheel of Time” to randomly determine a speaking duration ranging from 60 to 180 seconds before starting their presentations. In this limited time, the speakers must deliver their strongest declaration and demonstrate their innovative capabilities in front of numerous investors dedicated to their respective fields. After the presentations, the investors will quickly decide, based on their professional judgment and analysis, whether to cast a “Poker Chips” representing “support” to the speaker.

To invigorate the startup ecosystem and increase opportunities for mutual selection, “Extreme Speed Pitch” has received over 150 applications from companies and has invited more than 100 investment institutions to participate.

Among the participating investment firms focusing on ConsumerTech: CDH INVESTMENTS, TOPVIEW INNOVATION, Ambrum Capital, GP Xinchao Capital, NLS Ventures, SIMIC CAPITAL, Dayone Capital, New Frontier Group, etc; Healthcare: EveCreate, CASSTAR, HOSENCARE BROTHERS, KINGHALL VENTURES, Roche Accelerator, 3H HEALTH, 6 Dimensions Capital, IN CAPITAL, etc; ClimateTech: Impact Bread, SUNGROW POWER, IMan Investment, NewGen Venture, PRO CAPITAL, Sany Foundation, SCI CAPITAL, etc.

Over 50 successful connections were established between startups and investment institutions.

The most notable highlight is that five startups from three major fields – Geb Impact, Yi Design, HumanMeetsAI, PAM2L Biotechnologies, Yanwai Technology LTD. – stood out in the intense two-day competition of FUND AT FIRST PITCH, earning the opportunity to present on the BEYOND Closing Ceremony. They pitched their innovations to four distinguished investors – Thomas G. TSAO, Co-founder of Gobi Partners; Harry MAN, Partner at Matrix Partners China; Jung-Hee RYU, CEO of Futureplay; and ZHU Yong, Chief Investment Officer at Accathon Capital) – during the BEYOND Closing Ceremony. The startups showcased their products and concepts in a dynamic English Pitching Show, receiving strategic advice from the investors and generating significant buzz.

As a platform for showcasing startups and facilitating multifaceted exchanges, BEYOND Expo 2024’s FUND AT FIRST PITCH definitely provided an opportunity for entrepreneurial projects to attract investment and share forward-looking advice and industry insights. This platform encouraged the collision of innovative ideas and the emergence of cross-sector collaborations, offering participants endless learning and growth opportunities. Investors also benefited by discovering potential leaders in emerging markets and exploring future investment trends. This event deepened the communication between investors and entrepreneurs, ensuring both parties could effectively convey core values and market potential in the shortest time.

With the successful hosting of FUND AT FIRST PITCH, BEYOND Expo 2024 reaffirmed its status as a significant event in the international tech innovation landscape. Participants left with valuable insights and new inspirations. Stay tuned for eagerly anticipating the opportunities and challenges in the next BEYOND Expo!