We focus on technological innovation and application in urban and sustainable development by creating awareness and connecting individuals, enterprises, and governments on sustainable development projects at a global scale.

ClimateTech Exhibition Area

The exhibition area will showcase the latest tech products and solutions in the climate tech field and provide opportunities for business exchanges. It enables participants to discover leading innovative technologies, promoting mutually beneficial mechanisms with different regions. BEYOND ClimateTech also aims to stimulate regional development and economic growth driven by zero-carbon technology, effectively addressing climate change, better sustaining the ecosystem, and achieving green growth.

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ClimateTech Forums

The forums will gather industry experts, scholars, executives, and investors to discuss the now and future in the climate tech industry.

  • New Power Grids
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Construction and Infrastructure
  • Materials and Recycling
  • Resources and Environment
  • Negative Carbon Technology
  • Agriculture and Food
  • Alternative Energy and Raw Materials
  • Carbon Measurement and Carbon Markets
  • Industrial Energy Efficiency and Electrification
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Climate Tech Application

Materials & Recycling
New Power Grids
Construction & Infrastructure
Smart Grid


Carbon Measurement and Carbon Markets
Negative Carbon Technology
Alternative Energy and Raw Materials