As 5G, artificial intelligence, and sensors continue to develop, AI has deeply integrated into various aspects of the automotive industry. Intelligent cars have entered a period of rapid development, including intelligent connected cars, autonomous driving, intelligent cockpits, urban smart transportation solutions, which are all accelerating the development of smart cars. Among them, the most important one is autonomous driving.

Autonomous driving technology is triggering a worldwide revolution in automobiles and travel, and is one of the key areas of focus at BEYOND Expo. To promote the development of autonomous driving technology, BEYOND Expo 2023 will help accelerate the commercialization of this technology through exhibition areas, forums, and real-life experiences. Currently, companies such as Cowarobot, Qcraft, Xpeng Aeroht, and Shenzhen Autonomous Driving Intelligence Research Centre Eco-Enterprise (PIX Moving, BUS ME) have confirmed that they will bring their latest autonomous driving products to BEYOND Expo 2023, including unmanned cleaning, unmanned delivery, online car-hailing, buses, and other multi-industry autonomous driving application scenarios. The exhibition will showcase the value of autonomous driving technology in different industries along with the prospect of commercialization of autonomous driving.

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Cowarobot will be present at the exhibition with the COWA 1T Unicorn autonomous driving cleaning robot, equipped with CowaPilot 5.0, COWA’s latest generation L4 level autonomous driving control system, 128 line beam LIDAR, 6 intelligent cameras (two HD cameras, four surround-view cameras); four 77Ghz millimeter wave radars and one set of ultrasonic radars, which can achieve 360 degrees all-round environment perception, centimeter-level high-precision positioning, hundred-millisecond planning, and control. Cowarobots can be used to clean squares, pavements, non-motorized lanes, municipal gardens, back streets and alleys, commercial areas, and other urban semi-enclosed scenes. It works with pure electric power, low noise, and efficient operation, with the operating capacity and endurance equivalent to a 3-ton sweeping vehicle. It has the functions of intelligent waste identification, fully autonomous path planning, adaptive sweeping and automatic parking, enabling full-scene, all-weather and unmanned sweeping.


For L4-level autonomous driving, Qcraft’s Dragon Boat series (Dragon Boat ONE, Dragon Boat LONG, Dragon Boat SPACE, ROBOTAXI) autonomous vehicles and solutions can meet the needs of smart city construction. In many scenarios, they can be used as a network car, bus, and shuttle bus, creating a “mobile technology showcase for the city. The main exhibits at BEYOND Expo 2023 will be the Dragon Boat SPACE and Dragon Boat ONE.

Dragon Boat SPACE will create a “mobile living room” in the exhibition area. Dragon Boat SPACE is a tailor-made mobile space for future mobility that can operate on complex roads, with a steering wheel-less, modular, and customized cabin that can quickly meet the needs of different scenarios and satisfy the imagination of space.

Dragon Boat ONE is a self-driving minibus for the open roads of the city, running through the city’s core areas in an urban micro-circulation mode, creating an urban landmark for commuting, hospitality, and sightseeing. Dragon Boat ONE has nine passenger seats and one driving seat, but it is no longer the driver who sits in the driving seat. Instead, a safety officer monitors the regular operation of the vehicle, and the driving operation of the vehicle will be done by the self-developed self-driving software system of Qcraft. Qcraft will create a test route in Hengqin this time and open it up for experience in the autonomous driving experience session.

Xpeng Aeroht

This year, Xpeng Aeroht will present the Traveler X2, a two-person intelligent electric flying machine, the fifth generation of the product developed and manufactured by the company. The X2 features an enclosed cockpit with a similar design to the P7. Through its minimalist design, the X2 presents a teardrop shape that is polished and pure, with a futuristic sci-fi appearance. It also considers high-efficiency aerodynamics to achieve the ultimate flight performance. When empty, the X2 weighs 680kg with the battery and can carry two passengers with a maximum load of 160kg. The X2’s entire fuselage is made of carbon fiber to reduce its weight.

The X2’s zero carbon emission during flight aligns with the goal of green urban transportation. The battery life can last up to 25 minutes, and it is designed to fly at an altitude of under 1,000 meters, making it suitable for future low-altitude flights in cities. During the flight, the maximum flight speed is 130 km/h, which can meet the demand for short-distance travel in towns, and serve scenarios such as tourism, wilderness rescue, and medical transport.

The X2 is currently equipped with two driving modes: manual and auto-pilot, with the auto-pilot function allowing it to automatically fly along a planned route according to a set flight altitude, speed, and time. During the automatic flight of the X2, passengers do not need to have any professional piloting skills, instead, they can use simple operations such as start, return, and landing to enjoy a safe and intelligent flying experience.

In October 2022, X2 was awarded a charter flight certificate by the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA). It successfully held its first public flight in Dubai, witnessed by Dubai’s Royalty, their family members, the Chinese Consul General in Dubai, and over 100 media outlets worldwide. In January 2023, the Voyager X2 was officially granted a Certificate of Authorization by the civil aviation regulator, making it the first manned eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) product to be formally applied for and successfully awarded in China.

PIX Moving 

PIX Moving, an eco-enterprise of Shenzhen Autonomous Driving Intelligence Research Centre, will showcase the PIX-Robobus Mobile Space. PIX Moving designs, develops, and manufactures third-generation vehicles based on self-driving chassis and AIGC toolchains, and is committed to building a new industrial ecology with chassis as the core. Its products have been delivered to nearly 30 countries worldwide. With safety as its top priority, PIX Robobus Mobile Space is dedicated to providing passengers with a comfortable and diverse commuting experience, creating unmanned shuttle vehicles, self-driving coffee carts, and beauty carts, making the vehicle no longer just a means of transport, but a movable space. PIX Moving provides customers with a complete set of industry customer success stories and integrated hardware and software self-driving deployment services to complete the commercialization of Robobus mobile spaces.


BUS ME, an ecological enterprise of Shenzhen Autonomous Driving Intelligence Research Centre, provides autonomous driving solutions for short-distance travel from urban metro to communities, universities, and parks. BUS ME applies L4 autonomous driving, but the cost of the whole vehicle is economic, controlled at less than 100,000 RMB, and can achieve mass production. This exhibition will feature a variety of models, including the unmanned ferry car series, patrol car series, minibus series, and others.

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Real experience of autonomous driving: efficient, comfortable, and secure

Can autonomous vehicles reach their destination precisely? Can they park themselves? Will they free up the hands of experienced drivers? During the expo, in order to enable participants to experience autonomous driving cars, the BEYOND Organizing Committee has opened an autonomous driving experience zone for the first time in the Hengqin Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Cooperation Zone, offering free and efficient observation of autonomous driving, intelligent bus, and drone flight. Our goal is to provide participants with a new travel experience and a glimpse of the enormous changes that autonomous driving will bring to the automotive industry, smart cities, and smart mobility! This includes, but is not limited to, companies and products mentioned above.

Please stay tuned for more updates on the participating companies in autonomous driving and flying cars!

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