Technological innovation and impact has always been a key focus of BEYOND Expo to bring together the global innovation ecosystem and promote cross-border cooperation across various industries. As the conference is focused on showcasing cutting-edge innovation and facilitating discussions between innovators and investors, the organizing committee launched BEYOND Awards to recognize founders and entrepreneurs in tech. At present, the review of the BEYOND Innovation Award is in progress.

Since launch, over 300 projects have been nominated for the BEYOND Innovation Awards. The BEYOND Awards Committee is currently reviewing projects for 2nd round selections. After all three stages of a virtual roadshow, offline roadshow, and video submission review, 90 companies will be selected to move on for the final round.



On August 25th, 2022, the BEYOND Organizing Committee and the China-Europe Innovation Center held an offline roadshow for the BEYOND Awards ConsumerTech Innovation Awards. Ten outstanding innovation teams displayed their products and services to a judging panel, who assessed each project on technological innovation, market value, and core capabilities. The purpose is to discover innovative companies with cutting-edge innovative technologies and enhance interaction among the global ecosystem players, such as corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, experts, and government representatives.


Projects Introduction

Company: Shenzhen Huatai Xinglian Technology Co., Ltd.
Project Title: Low-Cost Liquid Crystal Phased Array Antennas for Satellite Internet and 5G Applications

Company: Beijing Zhixing Wujiang Technology Co., Ltd.
Project Title: AI empowered brain-controlled intelligent wheelchair for the disabled

Company: Nantong Sailer Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.
Project Title: Cyler Technology

Company: Shenzhen Yuntong Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.
Project Title: Localized Substitution of Automotive-Grade Power Semiconductor Devices

Company: Shenzhen Jindie Technology Co., Ltd.
Project Title: Electric UFO

Company: Shenzhen Shenke Venture Capital Technology Co., Ltd.
Project Title: VR Smart Glasses

Company: Shenzhen Jingdu Health Technology Co., Ltd.
Project Title: Youth Management Research Institute

Company: QuantumSport – Multi-Sport Type Universal Wearable Motion Gesture Detection System
Project Title: QuantumSport – Universal Wearable Action and Attitude Detection System for Multi-Sport Types

Company: Shenzhen Worchuang Technology Co., Ltd.
Project Title: Waoffer Intelligent Manufacturing – an all-round optimization technical solution for the FMCG industry from manufacturing to transportation

Company: Shenzhen Yongxinyu Technology Co., Ltd.
Project Title: 12G SDI OBGIGS


Judges Announced

Since the beginning of BEYOND Awards, we have received support from partners across different fields in the industry. Therefore, the BEYOND ConsumerTech Innovation Award Re-Selection Roadshow has invited guests from well-known investment institutions such as YuanJianHui Capital, LanHanZhongLi Capital, YingWeiDa Innovation Center, DaMi Innovation Investment Fund, SaiMa Capital, DiGuoZhiYou Innovation Center as judges. The judges will assess projects based on industry influence, disruptive innovation, team/ management, and other dimensions to provide constructive feedback for projects and make a unified decision to move companies forward for the final selection.


About BEYOND Expo

This year, BEYOND Expo 2022 will fully embrace the metaverse, push the boundaries of reality and virtuality, and provide an immersive and interactive experience for all guests. The week-long conference will focus on the three newly-launched sub-brands: BEYOND Healthcare, BEYOND Sustainability, and BEYOND ConsumerTech, attracting 20,000+ tech innovation enthusiasts and 500+ exhibitors from around the globe to the BEYOND Metaverse. Concurrently, BEYOND Expo 2022 will host five summits to discuss key topics around Healthcare, Sustainability, ConsumerTech, Investment, and Web3, inviting tech leaders and industry experts to discuss the future development and growing trends within each sector. Events like Startup Roadshows,Fund at First Pitch (VC meetups) and more than 120 networking events will also be organized in the metaverse to enhance interaction among the global ecosystem players, such as corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, experts, and government representatives.


About InteBridge

InteBridge is a professional innovation platform, known as one of the Top 10 overseas innovation centers in Shenzhen. InteBridge sets up close relations with four top technology transfer clusters, which are Cambridge, Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Barcelona, etc. focusing on early-stage startups in the fields of Robotics, Electronics, Artificial Intelligence, Phonetics, New Energy and Materials. Our center fosters the high-tech companies with diverse resources, from incubation to industrialization. InteBridge provides quality services to marvelous startups and talents out of China, builds up the innovation eco-system for overseas resources, local government and domestic capitals.


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